NEW Sensory Garden Project at Hayes Cottage Nursing Home!

NEW Sensory Garden Project at Hayes Cottage Nursing Home!

We are delighted to be receiving funding from the board to build our very own sensory garden here at Hayes Cottage. The space will create a wonderful therapeutic garden designed to stimulate all of the five senses. We will be planting vividly coloured and scented flowers and wildflowers, as well as delicious herbs to smell, touch and taste. Visitors to the garden will be able to sit among the beautiful flora, listening to the gentle trickle of a water fountain and song of the wind chimes.

People generally enjoy being outside and even more so when in pleasant surroundings. The feeling of space along with nature’s inherent sensory stimulation makes a Sensory Garden a really good idea and an excellent resource.

Sensory gardens are particularly beneficial to those who may suffer from sensory processing disorders, dementia and alzheimer’s. In people with dementia, sensory gardens can help keep them calm and interested, and these gardens also help to keep all of one’s senses aroused.

A well designed dementia friendly garden will incorporate relaxing places to sit, allowing time for reflection whilst providing privacy if required. This is not only beneficial to our residents, but also staff and carers.

A sensory garden can also be a great social space. They allow for communication and relationships to be built. Outdoor activities such as gardening or giant games can be done to further improve the quality of life.

We are really looking forward to getting starting developing this fantastic project. If you would like to know more about the Sensory Garden project or would like to be involved in its development then please get in touch with Mandy. The project is the start of a large investment to upgrade the facilities for our residents and staff at Hayes Cottage Nursing Home.

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